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I used Torque on Android and a bluetooth OBD II adaptor and it says code P0133 slow O2 sensor bank 1. P0133 : Heated oxygen sensor ( HO2S) 1,. OBD II fault code P0133 is defined as. Heated oxygen sensor ( HO2S) / oxgen sensor. Hyundai wanted $ 150 for the part but the Hyundai part may include part of the exhaust pipe and the flex pipe ( not sure). I got a muffler guy who' s going to look at it when I have a couple sticks to rub together. What Does P0113 Code Mean? OBD- II Code P0113 is defined as a Intake Air Temperature Circuit High Input. The Intake Air Temperature Sensor measures the rise and fall of the air temperature inside the Intake Manifold. Welcome to Hyundai Forums! Welcome to the Hyundai Forums where you can ask questions or find answers on anything related to Hyundai Cars.

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    Hyundai elantra code

    Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free. · First code was P0132 - put in new 02 sensor, Mechanic cleared code - light came back on with in 24 hrs. Swapped out with another 02. · P0133 is a diagnostic trouble code ( DTC) for " O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( Bank 1 Sensor 1) ". This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs. Hyundai Trouble Code Reading You will need an OBD2 scanner to read these codes. If you don' t have an engine code reader for your Hyundai we recommend reading this article: Choosing the best OBD2 scanners for Hyundai troubleshooting. P0133 Hyundai Description The front heated oxygen sensor ( or O2 sensor 1) is placed into the exhaust manifold. It detects the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas compared to the outside air. Hyundai Elantra Instaling An Engine Hello I Installed Engine On The Car, But As Soon As I Tightened The Engine To The Transmission, I Heard Loud Clicking Sounds. Repair Information for P0139 Hyundai code. Learn what does P0139 Hyundai HO2S Circuit Slow Response Bank 1 Sensor 2 means? Hyundai Elantra Sensor Location.

    Bir Hyundai bütün, Özel OBD- II hata kodlarını Listeleme. kodlar Tüm Hyundais Için Cardio olmalıdır. Unknown 936607, 936007, 001000 What avoid the fault P post cat. fuel trim lean b1? a Machine has a run whole 18000км Cue Optima( Mazhentis). OBD- II Code P0133 is defined as an Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( Bank 1, Sensor 1) Code P0133 is triggered when the powertrain control module or PCM determines that the oxygen sensor voltage switch from below 400 millivolts to above 450 millivolts is taking too long. If You Can Verify the Code Setting MalfunctionIf you can verify the code setting malfunction, P0133 O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( bank 1 Sensor 1) fixing the exhaust leak doesn' t work. User Name: Password Please enter. I have a Hyundai Elantra GLS sedan. Recently the check engine light came on. So, I went to autozone and got the code read - it read ‘ P0139 O2 sensor circuit slow reponse ( Bank 1/ Sensor 2) ’. It seemed like it wasn’ t trivial to change it ( I have only done minor things like changing light.

    Hyundai - I' ve had a dash light on for a while and today had the codes pulled: P0036 P0137 02 sensor low voltage P0133 02 sensor. Need more help with a p0133 code? If you still need help regarding the P0133 trouble code, please post your question in our FREE car repair forums. * BlueDriver price subject to change, click the link to find the latest price. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. · How to diagnose code P0441 on a Hyundai jimthecarguy. How to Hyundai Santa Fe Sonata Elantra Access Purge Valve P0441 - Duration: 10: 12. I' ve had a dash light on for a while and today had the codes pulled: P0036 P0137 02 sensor low voltage P0133 02 sensor slow response P0038 Any insight. · 97 Hyundai Elantra wouldn' t pass IM due to P0133 and P0422 codes, what does this mean? the P0136 code indicates that the second O2 sensor is bad.

    Yes, you should replace it, or else if your province has mandatory emissions testing, your car won' t pass. Just have it done. Hyundai Accent - P code Hello everyone, I have a Hyundai Accent GS, 3 door. My car drives OK it gets me to work and all, but lately the CEL came on about 2 weeks ago and after scanning my ECU, I recieved a code P, with a additional code TID: $ 02 CID: $ 38. P0139 Hyundai Description The Heated Oxygen Sensor 2 ( HO2S), after three way catalyst ( manifold), monitors the oxygen level in the exhaust gas on each bank. For optimum catalyst operation, the air fuel mixture ( air- fuel ratio) must be maintained near the ideal stoichiometric ratio. Hyundai Elantra GLS. Check engine light, code POHyundai Elantra GLS. Replaced 02 sensor, light was - Hyundai Motor Elantra question. · I have a Hyundai Accent and need help with O2 sensor. An oxygen sensor error code does not mean the sensor itself is. Possible Causes and Repair Information for P0139 Hyundai code.

    P0139 Hyundai HO2S Circuit Slow Response Bank 1 Sensor 2. · Possible Causes and Repair Information for P0133 Hyundai code. Learn what does P0133 Hyundai means? P0133 Hyundai O2 Sensor Circuit Slow Response Bank 1. · po139 error code in my hyundai - Cars & Trucks question. I recieved a code PO139 on my Hyundai Elantra and was wondering what that code details. Description of vehicle trouble code P0139 - Oxygen Sensor Circuit Slow Response ( Bank1,. PHyundai Elantra GLS. P0133 & P0139 codes for Kia Optima. · p0133 is likely the bank 1 or bank 2 needs to be. i suggest always buy hyundai o2 sensors.